shaking your mood

From now on Taraculo is a masterpiece of the Blue Fx Devices family.
Have you ever heard that classic and gorgeous tremolo effect in your favorite recordings?
So then, this is the tremolo you’re looking for.
This unit is a vintage-sounding Optical Tremolo that brings to you a warm and natural tone.
Taraculo shapes your signal from sine wave to choppy square wave and it can cut down your even high gain signal to silence up to 5 seconds.
It also can be used as booster machine by setting the depth knob to zero, giving 15dB of clean signal.

Audio Samples

Tech Specs

  • Classic tubish tremolo/vibrato
  • It can cut down your signal up to 5 seconds to silence
  • Wave knob shaping the signal from sine to square wave
  • Unity knob increase the volume amount dramatically
  • Gorgeous Chop effect
  • Wide range of control for very slow and exceptionally deep sounds
  • Dimensions 122x67x51mm (with knobs)
  • 100% Analogue
  • Unity, Depth, Wave, Speed
  • Handpainted¬†
  • Hand Wired
  • True by pass
  • 9V standard power supply
  • Led flashes with the speed of the rate