Sultan of Synths

Sultan of Synths
Analog Semi Modular

World of Synthesizers was an unknown field for us, until now! After one year of academic research in department of electronics (ATEITH) and the valuable help from our fellows in this trip, we finally came up with the Sultan of Synths. A single voice semi-modular synthesizer designed for those who are willing to discover electric soundscapes through soundsynthesis techniques, as well as a powerful machine for experienced users.

Audio Samples

Designer’s Notes

Signal path is all analog and we are using clever techniques for a wider connectability between synthesizer’s modules and other similar devices.
Our very stable saw core oscillator uses its fundamental frequency to reproduce through electronic circuits two new soundsources, the pulse width and the sub oscillator. Starting with these three soundwaves the sound it is getting bigger and more experimental compared to a simple single voice synthesizer.

Additionally, oscillator(VCO), filter(VCF) and amplifier(VCA) can be modulated, in terms of Frequency and Amplitude modulation, by the low frequency oscillator(LFO), the envelope filter(ADSR) and the internal clock(TEMPO). In this way, interested timbres can be created.

This is the BETA/DEMO version and not the final one

Video Demo

Tech Specs

Midi in (CV/Gate/Velocity)
a. Tracks up to 4 Midi octaves
b. Select between 16 midi channels
c. Midi controller MOD out
d. Midi Through

Single VCO splits into sawtooth, pulse width
a.Glide control
b. 1V/Octave (tuned)
c. Exponential or linear FM
d. Sync by LFO bus or switched via 3,5mm jack

Sub oscillator
a. -1 octave
b. -2 octave

White noise

a. External audio input
b. Allows you to mix every sound source together

VCF 12dB/Octave
a. Low Pass/Band Pass
b. 1V/Octave (tracking)

a. Headphones Output
b. Overdrive knob
c. Main output 10Vpp maximun

a. Slow/Fast rate
b. Switchable between Square and Triangle
c. Lfo bus
Envelope generator (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
a. Auto Cycle with rate control
b. Slow/Fast rate
c. Inverted polarity mode
d. Manual trigger button
e. Shared between VCF and VCA

b. Internal Clock circuit with rate control
c. 24 mixed 3.5mm mono patchable in/outs

Power: 5vdc power supply turned into +/-12V