Juicy overdrive, smoothly adjustable and rich in harmonics. It takes a bit of
fiddling with the knobs to achieve different results ranging from modern
crunchy-grunge to uncomplicated blues rhythm, and even some fairly beefy
fuzz that could better be described as mild distortion.

The Mids knob is the odd one out, in an otherwise straightforward effects
pedal, giving a lot of power and room for experimentation. So be playful!

Audio Samples




“Nebula can be a perfect companion,for the rehearsal room, the spontaneous homebrewed jam or the stage, where you can funk the rock out of blues! Extra points for the really cool design.”

Nikos Parastatidis

Designer’s notes

All analog signal path and microcontrolled relay true bypass system that it is more reliable than mechanical switches and more silent. Internally, digital and analog circuits are separately grounded to increase noise performance of the device.

Demo Video

new video soon


Controls the amount of distorted

guitar sound. Maximum gain is 27dB.

Adjusting the middle frequencies.
Turn it clockwise to boost the upper
mids and counter clockwise to boost
the low mids.
Bandwidth 212Hz-2340Hz.

It’s alow pass filter, turn it clockwise
to adjust treble content and counter
clockwise for smoothier lead tones.

Controls the output level. Middle po-
sition equals unity gain. Turn this
clockwise for maximum output level
is 37dB.

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 123x80x48mm (with knobs, jacks & footswitch)

Power Consuption: 38mA/9VDC and 110mA/18VDC

AC Adapter: 9VDC/both 2.1mm and 2.5mm dc power plug (tip-negative)

Battery: Nebula does not run on batteries


Bi-function™ switch is a dual operating relay true bypass system,
developed in our LAB.

Normal mode: Press down the switch to activate the effect and press
again to deactivate it.

Holding mode: Press and hold the
switch for as long as you want and
the effect will be activated. As soon
as the switch is released the effect
will be deactivated.