Where is Blue Fx Devices located?

Right here in Thessaloniki,Greece and in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Are Blue Fx Devices mass produced?

No every single device is made by hand, once at a time. That is true customization.

How can I get Blue Fx Devices?

You can come directly to contact us.

How can I get in Contact with you?

You should use this Contact form to get in touch with us.

Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes, we will ship Worldwide to any country.

What type of warranty do your devices have?

Take a look to warranty page.

What power supply should I use?

It must be a good quality, regulated 9VDC power supply with a center-negative tip will do (like Boss and OneSpot, etc). Some of our devices can accept up to 18VDC and the same requirements apply for those supplies.

How do I sent my broken pedal in to you?

You should have a look at the Repairs page, there you’ll find all the answers.

Are your pedals true by pass?

Yes, absolutely 100% true bypass.We use sturdy original switches with great reputation for reliability and smooth switching action.

Would you officially endorse my band?

Blue Fx is an experimental laboratory and do not pay artists/musicians to use our devices. However we could make discounts on our pedals. If you’d like to apply for an official Blue Fx endorsement then please email us and tell us about you.

Can I visit your workshop?

We will see, probably not.

Could you build something custom for me?

Yes of course, this is true customization! You just have to get in contact with us.

Finally, is it difficult?

Yes, sometimes it is.