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“In nature, sound is caused by a vibrating object creating changes in air pressure, which vibrates our eardrum, and which we in turn perceive as sound.

A synthesizer basically mimics this natural acoustic process. So instead of a plucked, vibrating guitar string, the vibration — called oscillation in ―synthspeak — comes from an electrical signal generated by rapidly changing voltages in a circuit.”

Ok, back to reality…

It’s been a long time since I have started this project and now it is almost done, yeah almost except from the chassis, but who cares? The sound could kill all the dudes around it. 

The project took place within the framework of my Diploma thesis, in the field of Electronic Engineering and now it turns to be a fine synthesizer product. But let me first explain my concept behind this. 

As a beginner in the world of synths, I had to explore the electric soundscapes of modulated sounds and of course the playability of a basic synthesizer. Hmm, with the term basic, I mean a sythesizer based on subtractive synthesis, the signal start flowing from the Oscillator to the Mixer, next to the Filter and to the end to the Amplifier. 

The question after that is Modular or Semi-modular?

So the answer is now obvious, semi-modular! A semi-modular synth combines all the nice characteristics of both worlds, tabletop and modular synth, in a compact size, lower price and you are never gonna get bored with this synth, even if you are pretty familiar with. 

The modules are hardwired on printed circuit board but also they could be connected with patch cords, or switches to create a patch. The voltages from the modules may function as (audio) signals, control voltages, or logic conditions.

Do you understand what does that mean?

The answer is that the user has access in each modules’ inputs or outputs, allowing him/her to create unlimited combinations of sounds. And not only that! You can have access on a communication between two or more different synthesizers, even if you are sending and receiving signals! WOW, isn’t it crazy?

The synths is named Sultan of Synths, and it is the best analog semi-modular synthesizer for an entry level user or not, into the world of synths!

It’s a real monster!

On the next lines, I am sharing a few words on designing process and the construction. Of course, there is more to say, but I don’t want to go deep enough on the discription below. Hope its clear.  I will only say, “one picture thousand of words”.

Firstly, I captured all the schematics, the most important circuits were designed by me and those are the VCO, MIXER, LFO, VCA. The VCF, ADSR and MIDI D/A was also designed by me, in fact I got inspired from web sources.
Trust me you have to listen to that!

I set all the components on breadboard in order to callibrate each module together…

Next, it comes the design of the printed circuit board and the final quality boards…

The moment that you were waiting for…

Testing the filter

Playing with some of the pre patched synths' mods

Slået op af Blue Fx Devices i Torsdag den 18. januar 2018


That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed it!

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