Your new fuzz module !

It was a rainy day when i finished it. I went out for a walk and on my way
back at workshop a big CRASH happened. Till i understand what was going
on, a car accidenttook place in front of my eyes. 
“That was it”, i said,
and i looked up in the sky. 
“The CRASH pedal is a new Holy Grail.”
So, maybe it was an omen…

Audio Samples

Designer’s Notes

I present you the CRASH, a modulated oscillating fuzz.
It screams like a bad fuzz, it grunts and squeals like a monster.
Five knobs that are very interactive with each other, and let you control everything.
From a tight to a radio fuzz, from an oscillated to a gated off, from a velcro to an octave-like fuzz.
The toggle switch (2 options) is for setting the Pulse Width. 

Video Demo



Controls the output level. Middle position equals unity gain.
Turn this clockwise for maximum output level .


Increases distortion and adjusts
feedback pitch and tonal thickness


Reduce treble frequencies as you rotate it clockwise while simutanuesly
increasing low-mids and Bass. When you rotate counter clockwise it increases
treble while simutanuesly reduce Bass and low-mids


Setting the effect from a clean fuzz to that splatty saggy.
Very interactive with fuzz and Volt knobs.


Use all the way left. Do not adjust this control above 9:00,
unless you like your fuzz to squeals. Use to control feedback pitch.

Tech Specs

Dimensions: 122x67x51mm (with knobs)

NPN BC108 transistors cascaded into JFET technology

Toggle Switch for extra gain

Hand Wired


Power supply

Operates with 9V battery or external 9V DC regulated power supply with (–) polarity on the middle pin (typical Boss™ power supply). Using the incorrect supply may damage your pedal. Max current consumption 7mA. When not in use unplug guitar cord from input jack to save battery life. To change the battery unscrew the bottom plate.