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Interstellar cloud of dust has been released in the atmosphere and as a result Nebula overdrive is born…we like to name our devices with outer space events and  Nebula is a very serious and promising event that took place on Blue Fx Devices Lab.

  • Story goes like that…

It was about time to improve our previous 10^27 overdrive, a simple but effective pedal, composed by three controls: volume gain and tone. One day, a buddy proposed us <<what if you add a forth knob to your 10^27 overdrive, just for the Mids >>

  • Characteristics

Both overdrives have the same core, that means the characteristics and the amount of distorted sound are being manipulated in a same way. In fact, compared to the previous overdrive 10^27, the new control for the mids shapes the tone in a unique way, setting the Nebula a flexible and versatile guitar pedal, composed by two independent equalizer knobs; the mids and the tone.

Regarding the sound of the pedal we choose new old stock USSR germanium diodes for assymetrical clipping. The sound gets more aggressive and “woody” compared to symmetrical clipping while, the distorted character is closer to the way a tube amplifier behaves when you plug in your guitar. Here is an example of how the amplified waveform of sinewave guitar signal looks like, after the clipping stage.

  • Schematic

This is the attached circuit on the breadboard, during composing and prototyping Nebula.

  • Design

That’s right, we had the sound and we needed the “image”. Designing pedal’s interface together with printed circuit board was a big challenge, cause we wanted to design a MACHINE guitar pedal, that it will be fall in love with your leather boots every time you press the footswitch! So, knobs have been placed at the front side and not at the top of the surface, as usual. Furthermore, we are supporting the free software community and KiCad is the ideal software to design and produce our hi standards printed circuit boards. With the 3D Viewer it is more than easy to set all the component in the right place.

 Finally, we got Nebula’s pcb. All the components have being soldered by hand. The new design redefines the nature of the pedal, compact size, a lot of features and Yes! now you can step on it without caring about smashing the knobs.



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