Carl Martin’s Plexitone – Blue FX FlexiPlexiTone

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Modification Characteristics
  • 3-way tone control
    Separate Bass, Middle, Tremble frequency controls.
  • Boost range calibration
    The ‘Boost’ section now provides lower volume boost in it’s wholeness, providing a better control of the function.
  • High Gain – Crunch calibration
    The ‘High Gain’ and ‘Crunch’ sections of the circuit has also been twitched to provide a wider range of overdriven capabilities.
  • 4th Led Clipping
    Clipping stage now accommodates a fourth LED to warm up your sound. Symmetrical clipping established.
Modification’s purpose

True Customization is all about honesty and honor. This is an example of that exactly. PlexiTone is one of the greatest stompboxes ever to exist and it is thought to emulate a classic Marshall feeling. Though no great leader lacks his own faults and Carl Martin’s PlexiTone is no exception. The original ‘Tone’ control may exalt your screaming leads but it can depress your manic riffing. Low-cycle and High-cycle frequencies get boosted placing your sound in a harsh while muddy region of the spectrum, leaving your Mids hanging low. With modification this pedal is trained to be more flexible, hence the name ‘FlexiPlexiTone’. An active 3-way control takes the former tone control’s place while maintaining the same circuit architecture and staying true to the original design. The three controls operate in distinct bands so that you can tune a more precise tone, filtering out excess frequencies and providing the desired ones. To reinforce this flexibility concept, some work has been done to the other controls as well. Crunch and High-Gain control pots now provide a wider range of overdriven sounds rather than reaching climax in the 12 o’clock position, achieving more interactive controls. Same thing goes for the boost section. Manufacturer claims a +20dB boost which is totally not desired. From now on, your common +3/+6dB boost can be found by turning the boost pot half-way with a maximum of +10/+12 dB if you go all the way.

 Finally, the 4th LED establishes symmetrical clipping. This is a personal Blue FX touch. It is what we felt was needed and nothing more. You can get it if you want it with a socket in order to plug or unplug it and have your own opinion.




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