Bluellet Microphone
Feels like back on 30’s

Perfect for Harmonica , Voice but not only that. Recording with Bluellet it is like someone is traveling back to 30’s ,where vintage radio and record players take place. That’s the Character of Bluellet and that’s the feeling it gives you.
To start up with, requires only 50% deposit to begin building. Bulding time is 2-3 weeks for delivery. Due to the nature of our hand-carved product; styles, and designs may vary, and the finish may have naturally occurring flaws.

Audio Samples

Tech Specs

Type : Carbon

Polar Pattern : Cardioid

Frequency Response : 75Hz-5kHz

Impedance : 270 ohms

Dimensions : 100×60 mm

Weight : 220 gr

Why to choose

  • Bullet style microphone.
  • Solid wood, made from the scratch
  • High durability carbon capsule
  • Small dimensions, it fits perfectly in your hands
  • Dynamic, no need of phantom power
  • Ultra vintage tones delivered
  • Each mic is a one-of-a-kind work of art.
  • Olive tree wood housing carved by hand
  • Volume knob for Output Level
  • 6.3 mm mono phone Jack
  • Comfortable to hold