About Archelaos

Archelaos Vasileiou is currently completing his studies on Electronics Engineering. He is keen on electronic experimentation, he likes making as well as taking apart relevant devices, considering that as an integral part of the creative process. He founded the experimental laboratory Blue Fx Devices in 2009, where he explores electric soundscapes as well as the boundaries between analog and digital medias and their impact on his devices’ design.

Copenhagen, Denmark

About Philippos

Philippos Konstantinidis is also studying Electronics Engineering.  His passion for the elimination of undistorted electric guitar on the worldwide music map, pushed him into making guitars’ electronic circuits. The Blue Fx Devices lab proved to be the ideal landscape for experimentation and the realization of this goal.

Thessaloniki, Greece

About Blue fx Devices

Blue Fx Devices laboratory is located both in Copenhagen and in Thessaloniki. Archelaos and Philippos are bound for creating custom guitar pedals with great sound generated by original circuits that they design. Moreover, they fabricate other devices namely synthesizers and microphones of particular aesthetics made out of selected materials. As they attempt to bundle all the best in their creations, they strongly believe that a musician should be able to include his/her own ideas within the equipment he/she uses.

That is true customization.