Warranty and Repairs



All Blue Fx include a two year warranty from the date of purchase for all new equipment. Repairs within these periods will be free of charge if the problem is from a manufacturing defect and is not caused by the end user. Warranty does not apply to the enclosure, graphics, knobs, hardware and also, there may be repair fees for pedals that will be receiving mods or pedals that have malfunctioned from user error like plugging in wrong power supply, be thrown out of an airplane, etc


First–is the pedal being powered correctly? If you are using a battery, make sure it is a fresh. If you are using a power supply, a regulated 9vDC/center-negative tipped adapter is specified for our products. A few of our pedals can be run at 18vDC and will say so right on the pedal – they also require a regulated center-negative tipped adapter.

Second-please check your patch cables if there are other effects being used. Try isolating the pedal to see if it is exhibiting the same problem by itself – if it is behaving normally when isolated, it is likely a cabling or power supply issue or perhaps a reaction to another pedal upstream in your effects chain.

Third-Open the pedal and visually inspect if you can see a burnt component. Don’t mess with the circuit though!

If you continue to have a problem, please fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’re here to help!

Privacy Policy

Blue Fx will never share your private information, including your address, email or phone number, with any third party, ever. We will only use your information to complete and communicate with you regarding your order.