Sultan of Synths

I am developing  a new semi-modular synthesizer , full analog technology with flexible features.

Main Features

  • Midi in (CV/Gate/Velocity)
  • One VCO (sawtooth, pulse)
      a.Glide control
      b.1V/Octave (tuned)
      c.Sub oscillator (-1 octave, -2 octave)
  • VCA
      a.Headphones Output
      b.Overdrive knob
      c.Main output +/-5V maximun
  • Mixer
      a.External audio input
      b. allows you to mix every sound source together
  • 12dB/Octave VCF
      a. Low Pass/Band Pass
      b.1V/Octave (tracking)
  • Envelope generator (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
      a.Auto Cycle with rate control
      b.Slow/Fast rate
  • LFO
      a.Slow/Fast rate
      b.switchable between Square and Triangle
  • White Noise
  • Many 3.5mm mono patchable in/outs
  • 9vdc power supply turned into +/-12V