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We developed  a new semi-modular synthesizer , full analog technology with flexible features. Stay tuned for the final one!

You could always find more details by reading the manual and the block diagram, however, the main features are below.

  • Midi in (CV/Gate/Velocity)
    a. Tracks up to 4 Midi octaves
    b. Select between 16 midi channels
    c. Midi controller MOD out
    d. Midi Through
  • Single VCO splits into sawtooth, pulse width
    a.Glide control
    b. 1V/Octave (tuned)
    c. Exponential or linear FM
    d. Sync by LFO bus or switched via 3,5mm jack
  • Sub oscillator
    a. -1 octave
    b. -2 octave
  • White noise
  • Mixer
    a. External audio input
    b. Allows you to mix every sound source together
  • VCF 12dB/Octave
    a. Low Pass/Band Pass
    b. 1V/Octave (tracking)
  • VCA
    a. Headphones Output
    b. Overdrive knob
    c. Main output 10Vpp maximun
  • LFO
    a. Slow/Fast rate
    b. Switchable between Square and Triangle
    c. Lfo bus
  • Envelope generator (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
    a. Auto Cycle with rate control
    b. Slow/Fast rate
    c. Inverted polarity mode
    d. Manual trigger button
    e. Shared between VCF and VCA
  • Utilities
    a. MOD MIX
    b. Internal Clock circuit with rate control
  • 24 mixed 3.5mm mono patchable in/outs
  • 5vdc power supply turned into +/-12V