Repairing a Ribbon Microphone

A long time ago Kostas Kofinas, the producer and sound engineer at Blueberry Production Co., requested me a modification on his Golden Age ribbon microphone. But […]

Coming up with Nebula Overdrive

Nebula overdrive-Quick analysis Interstellar cloud of dust has been released in the atmosphere and as a result Nebula overdrive is born… We like to name our […]

New Logo/Fresh Logo

You may have noticed that some people call us Blue Pedals and some other they call us Blue Fx. In fact, our current name is Blue […]

Does anyone Synth?

“In nature, sound is caused by a vibrating object creating changes in air pressure, which vibrates our eardrum, and which we in turn perceive as sound. […]

Carl Martin’s Plexitone – Mod

Carl Martin’s Plexitone – Blue FX FlexiPlexiTone Modification Characteristics 3-way tone control Separate Bass, Middle, Tremble frequency controls. Boost range calibration The ‘Boost’ section now provides […]

DIY condenser microphone

A full guide about making a condenser microphone from scratch. (Language supported greek) If you want the pdf version press here. Have a listen here compared […]

Open House Thessaloniki 2016

Blue Fx Devices participates together with our friend Paveza Guitars in Open House Made In Thessaloniki on November 2016. People that came to presentation have the […]

Interview on

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Interview on DiscoFreq’s Guitar Effect Database

Check out my interview on the effect database (Click the image to redirect on interview)